Several people I care about deeply are dealing with heart-breaking and painful situations. I can honestly say, I can empathize with most of the situations but that in no way means I know the emotions they are dealing with.

Everyone deals with life and the situations that arise along the way differently.

As a twin, I can attest to this in a way others can’t. Amy and I were born and raised experiencing the same things in life but the way we remember events and responded to them is so different. Neither of us is wrong in how we reacted and remember. We are different people!

My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with Cancer. I love him a lot. He is a great man who raised the man I believe was designed with me in mind. When I was told he is sick.. to say my reaction was not expected is an understatement.

I am talking instant tears.

It instantly took me back 19 years when I was told my daddy was sick.  When I walked into a Sarasota, FL hospital ICU and my daddy handed me a handwritten note that read, “I have AIDS”… my world crumbled. It is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my most hated enemy. When I heard the word Cancer in relation to Jason’s dad.. all I could think about was Jason feeling that pain.

We don’t know a prognosis yet and I am fully believing he will be fine. I mean, I have no doubt he will recover.

I have a friend who is ill. She is facing surgery and is in pain. This is also something I don’t want my friends to deal with. Unfortunately, like me, this friend is used to pain and illness so she is handling it like a pro but when I talk to her about it, I remember the countless hours I have spent bored and alone in a hospital bed. I can’t not remember it.

It is fascinating to me to watch how other people deal with speed bumps in life. My in-laws and my friend are handling the lemons handed to them recently with grace and determination. It is inspiring.



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