101 Days left of my 30’s

My 30’s are quickly winding down. I will celebrate my 40th Birthday in just 101 days from today.

I’ve lived a lot in the four decades I’ve been alive. I have learned from painful parts of my life and cling to the happy moments.

There have been several moments in my life when I wasn’t sure I would make it to my 40th birthday so I want to celebrate it..

I am working on a list of things to do before turning 40!

  1. Zipline
  2. Forgive past hurts
  3. Pet an elephant
  4. Lose 40 more pounds
  5. buy a car 
  6. Take my mom on a girls weekend
  7. start writing my book!
  8. Walk two miles
  9. Take my nieces and nephew camping to share my love!
  10. Try new foods
  11. mail cards using snail mail
  12. Learn a new craft
  13. Read a book a week
  14. Blog more often
  15. See a waterfall


It’s a list in progress… If you have some ideas, share them with me. If you want to tag along to help me fulfill my list, give me a yell. If you want to celebrate with me, there will be a party October 7, 2017- Mark your calendar!




2 thoughts on “101 Days left of my 30’s

  1. I love reading your posts and don’t get me wrong, I still have a list of things that I would like to do but from the vantage point of almost 27 years further along in this adventure in time and space, but more importantly having started to discover Who and Whose I really am, this is my comment. But before that I must say that is one of the longest run on sentences that I have ever written. But I have time to surpass it. Comment – you do not need to do, write, say, or accomplish a thing to be perfect as you are, as you were made to be. Thanks for the memories, the blog, the inspiration,and the idea for another blog. Love, D

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