The Summer that Changed my Life: Chapter two 

I’ll never forget my thought process when finding a seat in the bus for the journey to Montana.

I was all alone heading to the great unknown. I was terrified and excited all at the same time.

If you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve referenced being told my first day in college that everyone has a story. My professor (now close friend) told us it’s our job as journalist to tell those stories. I made every effort to listen to the stories of anyone willing to talk to me. I hope to someday publish the stories I recorded on that three or four day trip!

From a woman traveling to meet her grand baby for the first time to a man who was recently released from prison, it was fascinating to meet to many different people.

When I wasn’t chatting it up with someone in the bus or in a bus station, I was writing and processing my recent breakup.

At the time, I thought my heart would never recover. I thought he was my big love. The one I would never really recover from (I did. Believe me. I did.).

By the time I got to Montana, I was ready for a whole new adventure to forget. From the moment I stepped off the bus and met the people I was spending the summer surrounded by, I knew I would be a different person when I returned to Tennessee.

It’s like I was in a cocoon when I left Tennessee and I returned a beautiful butterfly….

I loved that summer. I love those people and oh, the stories to be told!

…that’s next. 


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