Hysteria over a TV Show!!?!

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you watch Nashville and are not up to date!



So… I am not going to lie. Last night’s episode of ‘Nashville’ made me sob. I cried so hard I broke all the blood vessels in my face!

It was the most real death scene I have witnessed on TV- at least for me.

One of the main characters was involved in a car accident. The entire episode was intense but throughout I thought, “she is the heart of the show. She will pull through”…

In the last five minutes of the episode, Rayna (played by Connie Burton) was fighting to live as she two daughters and husband sat on her bed praying for her. The husband told the girls to talk to their mom and instead, they started singing to her in perfect harmony. Dad joined in and through tears they sang as she flat lined.

It was almost more than my heart could take. It was so real and something I have lived.

I vividly remember my sisters and I singing to our Daddy as his time on earth ended. My Momma joined in and as his girls sang to him he moved out of this life. My world shattered. I cried so hard my contacts simply disappeared never to be recovered. I guess I cried them out… The daughters in this death scene reacted in a similar way.

The memories it brought to me caused hysteria.. over a TV show!

You see, it wasn’t just the TV show. It was the memories the death scene brought to my mind. It was reliving the hurt of my own life as I watched the scene on TV.

I find that therapeutic.  Books, movies, TV shows, music… all these creative outlets help me deal with life and the emotions that come along with a life well lived. I don’t cry over my daddy and his death often anymore but the pain of losing him is still there. Watching that scene last night made me remember.

Needless to say, if you watch Nashville… I hope you are recovering from the heart break of last night’s episode. I have a feeling next week will be a kleenex alert episode too.



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