45 Minutes until my Weekend

I don’t have a normal schedule. It’s just one of the perks of choosing to be an enemy to the American People. (In case you don’t get that reference…)


I could go on for days about the attack on my profession but if you know me, or any other journalist for that matter, you know how we feel.

Instead, I want to share my excitement about my upcoming weekend!  We don’t have anything special planned really but it is going to be beautiful and warm tomorrow so I want to go for a hike or a walk.. anything to absorb the sunlight.

I hope I have a good foot day tomorrow and this is a possibility. You see, no matter how badly I want to do things like this, sometimes my foot decides what we do on the weekend. It’s just part of living life with RSD.

My mother, who also has chronic pain, is excited to start working again full time. I keep preaching to her about the changes she needs to make to her daily routine. As someone who is in pain all the time, I know first hand how to lie happily in spite of the pain.

On the days I work, I work. I don’t do laundry. I don’t clean the house. I work only and rest to recover from working once I get home.

On my first day off, I rest more so that on my second day off I can accomplish the things I need to accomplish. It is just how I have to live.

When I am not up to it, I tell my friends (and family) no. Yes, I push myself sometimes, but only when I know I can.. Only when I know I have time to recover from it. (Bonnaroo is an example of pushing myself.. but those 4 days with swollen feet are worth the rest of the 361 days of the year).

I don’t think my mother is capable of using the word no…especially when it comes to her children. I wish there was a button I could flip in her brain that would allow her, just occasionally, to put herself and her needs first.

I doubt that will never happen, though… It’s just one of the things that makes my momma so great.

So, if you are reading this… send good vibes my way that I have a good day tomorrow so we can go on that hike my brain and soul so desperately wants and needs.

Have a good one Y’all!


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