Insomnia thinks we are friends. #alternatefact

Sleep. It’s a beautiful thing. If only it didn’t elude me. 

I am not its friend. In fact, I loathe Insomnia. One might even use curse words when describing the inability to sleep. 

Seriously. It’s the worst. 

I think I am actually suffering from what I call painsomnia tonight. It was a stressful weekend at work which is making my life long companion, RSD, throw a temper tantrum. 

It’s hard to sleep when your foot feels like it’s on fire! 

I try counting sheep but they simply entertain me. I mean, one of the was break dancing! How is that supposed to help anyone sleep!!? They are rather useless. 

I tried warm milk. No help. (I think it needed to be laced with something to help)

I guess it’s time to figuratively go make some more lemonade with this new batch of lemons. I’ll make it extra sweet… 


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