Politics Divides Families

It’s been said (and it very true) that politics and religion can tear families apart and  ruin friendships. This is why I attempt to avoid conversations about both of those things as often as possible.

That’s proving difficult in the DJT era.

You see, when I get upset my pain increases. It’s just the way it is and there is nothing I can do about it, except prevent myself from getting upset. Right now, that means I have unfollowed and unfriended dozens of people on Facebook, including my own mother.

I am an advocate and supporter of the First Amendment. It’s important to me not only personally but professionally. However, when people share what they think is real news repeatedly on social media (even when I point out to them which sites they can trust to be factual (not #alternatefacts) they still believe the LIES) I have no choice but to say goodbye.

Honesty is important to me. It’s what my job is all about and with my family, being truthful, is important (not everyone I am related to is.. ummm.. exactly honest. In fact, there are some I don’t believe a word they say until I can independently verify the information being provided). That’s why I am a fact based person. That’s also why I have moments right now where my head wants to explode when it comes to the new administration in control of our government.

I promised my mother I will give DJT a chance and I did, but in less than a week, he’s already proven to me what I already knew. He hates “the media” (that terminology deserves its own blog entry at a later date because there is no such thing as “the media” as it is being portrayed). He wants to silence journalist unless they are willing to make him look good. He wants to take our voices away.

I hope DJT turns out to be the president my family things he will be. I hope in four years all our lives are better than they are now. That’s my genuine hope. Hoping for anything else only makes one appear crazy in my opinion. When a president succeeds, we all succeed. When a president fails, we all fail.




One thought on “Politics Divides Families

  1. I knew when I first met you that I had met a kindred spirit. I am determined to love everyone and that is one of the reasons I do not call myself a Christian. I will not join any club that excludes others. I am for building bridged not walls. I agreed with your blog one thousand percent. It is always a dance relating with your mother, Amy, and people who think and believe like they do. Thank you for being you.

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